We are a team with passion and we taste each meal flavored by cultures with the same excitement every single time!


Every moment that passes, a completely different story is written in all corners of the world… Every incident enriches a new culture and makes history. Stories touched by millions of people, sometimes become legendary songs, epic loves and sometimes a smell of a delicious taste that will remain on our minds for years…

We are a team with passion and we taste each meal flavored by cultures with the same excitement every single time! We know that it is not always possible to travel to experience a new taste so we thought of bringing the most special recipes of the world to your city. And this is exactly how our story begun…

Yasemin Demir
Eda Dost
Elif Demir Altan
Tunç Altan

Imagine that recipes inspired by the cultures of six talented chefs, blended with the story of seven different continents, would be with us in our everyday lives and we might enjoy them in our offices, houses, parks or even schools… Imagine that we enjoy the happiness to be able to reach these special tastes in any time of the day…

Our world-famous chefs prepared gourmet delicacies and designed them into jars of Chefs & Jars! Each jar full of passion and ingenuity. In order to ensure the continues happiness of experiencing new tastes, our Chefs and jar recipes will continue to be renewed in certain periods. You will be able to taste world-famous delicacies in our new generation glass Jars instead of magnificent presentations on flat plates. Now, decide for your favorite taste and carry a jar-full delicacy with you on your daily journey!

Hey you, Chef! This is your chance to present
your art into the jars of Chefs & Jars.


We started with an aim of collecting the recipes blended with different cultures of specially selected worldwide chefs, and make them accessible to everyone. By this project, you will be able to present your creations to people all around the world and let them actually taste your recipes than just seeing them on your social media accounts.
Chefs of Chefs & Jars create a recipe and a design to fit in our jars. The recipes of our chefs are prepared by our experienced Chefs, who are the secret heroes of our kitchen, by blending the Chefs’ art and fresh products of our local producers and introduce daily to our consumers at our high-end kiosks.
Starting point of our project is Ankara; but we are getting ready to get our spot in Istanbul and then in various gourmet cities all around the world. We invite each and every one of you to the endless competition of gourmet delicacies…
While there are many people who would like join this excitement to discover new tastes, we wanted to cross our roads with different chefs in certain periods. One Chef among our first six Chefs -that will be chosen by Chefs & Jars lovers-, be with us again in the upcoming period. Remaining five Chefs and their creative recipes will be chosen carefully for the next round. We have already started to work to choose our next group of talented chefs.
If you also would like to take your part in our next round, and if you believe that you can carry your amazing art on a plate into the three dimensions of a jar; if you are confident with your recipes and if you have big goals in your career, we are here to introduce you to the world!
You can participate in eliminations and get the chance of presenting your recipes to the world by sending us an e-mail.


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