Imagine that recipes inspired by the cultures of six talented chefs, blended with the story of seven different continents


Alex Frimer reflects the different cultures to his fusion recipes for he has lived in many different countries. This talented chef, living in Switzerland, carries Mediterranean breezes into the jars of Chefs & Jars.

Frimer is from a family devoted to passion of cooking and entered to the world of gastronomy in a bar kitchen in his early ages. He likes working experimentally in the kitchen. Our beloved chef continues to introduce his special recipes to taste devotees in Zurich as a Private Chef. Now, it is time to discover his experimental yet delicious style in a jar.


Imagine a small touch from every taste you love. This salad is much more than you have imagined! It is both fresh and healthy. The most special aspect of this salad is it’s sauce. Jasmin is the most special combination of various tastes in harmony. Our chef made sure that you are having a gorgeous meal.


Chef Alex put together the touches of health, deliciousness and freshness again! This Mediterranean recipe’s leading actors are nutmeg, artichoke, caper flowers, silver onion pickles and delicious croutons with olive. The special sauce of this recipe is what makes it so delicious!


Laura Grosch is a well known talented vegan home-chef, who lives in Germany and is one of the pioneers of vegan diet. She carries the most special delicacies of this diet into the jars of Chefs & Jars.

Grosch, who believes that real happiness is only possible with a healthy body, is excited to carry her vegan philosophy to her kitchen and share this with her followers. You can see the traces of a healthy life in all recipes she creates. Now, it is time to discover Laura’s Kitchen where she created recipes for you to take good care of your body.


A healthy blend of chocolate and cherry and a delicious alternative for classic breakfast. Are you ready to let yourself into the flow with the taste of the ingredients which you will love at the first bite? In this jar of Chefs & Jars, you will find the happiness of eating a cake that you love… If you are a kind of person who wants to start the day with a special healthy breakfast choice, this is exactly for you!


Did you know that colorful delicacies, color pigments are actually antioxidants protecting our cells from stress? Healthy fruits that are good for both your body and soul are combined with the crispy granola in this jar… If you would like to start your day more fit with fruits, this jar is made for you!


Laura fit a warm summer into a jar. Excellent combination of raw cashews that are free of saturated fat and strawberries… This easily digestible jar of Chefs & Jars is waiting for you to taste it. We know you will love it!


Diuveil Malonga carries the magnificent African cuisine into the jars of Chefs & Jars to create a new story in gastronomy.

Malonga, who signs on fabulous tastes with his recipes, is happy to introduce secret formulas of talented chefs to delicacy devotees by establishing Chefs of Africa Platform. Malonga had a chance to present his art in Africa, Germany and France and attended to various competitions. He is now one of our precious chefs that created one of his most special recipes into the glass jars of Chefs & Jars. Now it is time to discover the recipe of one of the most talented chefs of Afro-Fusion tastes.


This delicacy prepared by a talented chef inspired by his own youth, is exactly for you! Sweet carrots reflecting the good times of his youth are in harmony with bitter ginger dedicated to his times of suffering and here we are presenting you a jar full of life!


A unique experience is waiting for you in Zulu jar. You will taste the wonderful combination of spicy chicken together with special almond sauce, mango marinated with chili peppers, lime and basil; and at the bottom the very delicious black quinoa flavored with passionfruit and aromatic green mix.


Peter Angyal, the talented Hungarian origin Chef, who defines cooking as freedom and creativity, carries his magnificent kitchen into the jars of Chefs & Jars.

Angyal, is a talented chef who expresses himself with his creations in the kitchen. His main reason to join the world of gastronomy was the meals which he prepared with his grandfather by the river when he was a child. Who would have known that this would let to his passion to present his most special recipes as elegant as art paintings, with using always fresh ingredients for his art. Now, it is time to discover this recipe appealing to both your soul and taste buds.


Red beet, which Angyal admires its color and believes that it will suit to this assertive jar, is the leading actor of this recipe… You will love the harmony of chickpeas and rocket with red beet. You, who are brave enough to taste new delicacies, this is exactly for you!


Chef Angyal’s recipe is again a flavor experience! This healthy recipe contains mozzarella with grain and seeds, dried and fresh fruits; and once it is combined with the special sauce prepared with red wine and raspberry vinegar, it becomes a


Vincent Angebault, the gifted French chef, carries amazing French cuisine from his perspective into the jars of Chefs & Jars.

Angebault, who had training from the most important Chefs of the world on taste and presentation, indicates that the first detail spotted by the guests is the presentation on the plate. Now, it is time to discover the three dimensional creations of a chef who is always willing to improve.


Smoked duck, which is one of the irreplaceable tastes of the French Cuisine, is the most perfect choice for Angebault’s jar. You will be delighted to try the combination of this special delicacy with sweet notes of pear. This is made exactly for you!


Our talented French Chef takes you to the Japanese cuisine with a single bite! With tuna marinated with exotic Yuzu juice, mango, avocado and dried tomatoes, you will experience a unique taste and will be addicted to this new taste. The special sauce of this jar is the crème de la crème of it!


Kareem Roberts says that the most delicious foods are the ones prepared with love. He carries gourmet recipes, which he prepared with his own style, into the jars of Chefs & Jars. Kareem is originally from Antigua, a small island country in the Caribbean.

Roberts thinks that gourmet delicacies that spices up the world should be tasted by everyone, and he is so excited to prepare recipes suiting every budget. He also doesn’t hesitate to say that chicken and caviar as well as rice and truffle, are equal. This talented chef now exhibits delicious combinations with this brave attitude in the jars of Chefs & Jars. Now, it is time to discover the recipe of a world-famous chef, who prepares unforgettable delicacies with limited budgets.

JAR: ChicKing

Do you believe in the magic of the “first bite”? You will be excited of this recipe from the first moment you open the jar and catch the smell of it. ChicKing is the embodiment of the delicious harmony of chicken and caramelized hazelnuts… If you would want to experience sweet potato and pineapple blended with spices; this jar is exactly for you!


Chef Roberts’ this ambrosial recipe is made just for you! You will be amazed when you taste how mung beans and cracked wheat can become such tasty. Prepare yourself to this delicious experience with the accompaniers of tomato fondue, cucumber and pickled beets.

Hey you, Chef! This is your chance to present
your art into the jars of Chefs & Jars.


We started with an aim of collecting the recipes blended with different cultures of specially selected worldwide chefs, and make them accessible to everyone. By this project, you will be able to present your creations to people all around the world and let them actually taste your recipes than just seeing them on your social media accounts.
Chefs of Chefs & Jars create a recipe and a design to fit in our jars. The recipes of our chefs are prepared by our experienced Chefs, who are the secret heroes of our kitchen, by blending the Chefs’ art and fresh products of our local producers and introduce daily to our consumers at our high-end kiosks.
Starting point of our project is Ankara; but we are getting ready to get our spot in Istanbul and then in various gourmet cities all around the world. We invite each and every one of you to the endless competition of gourmet delicacies…
While there are many people who would like join this excitement to discover new tastes, we wanted to cross our roads with different chefs in certain periods. One Chef among our first six Chefs -that will be chosen by Chefs & Jars lovers-, be with us again in the upcoming period. Remaining five Chefs and their creative recipes will be chosen carefully for the next round. We have already started to work to choose our next group of talented chefs.
If you also would like to take your part in our next round, and if you believe that you can carry your amazing art on a plate into the three dimensions of a jar; if you are confident with your recipes and if you have big goals in your career, we are here to introduce you to the world!
You can participate in eliminations and get the chance of presenting your recipes to the world by sending us an e-mail.


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