Imagine that recipes inspired by the cultures of talented chefs, blended with the story of seven different continents


Chef Luca Rosati has learned the secrets of a starry kitchen service and techniques in 1 Michelin Star OSTERIA del VICARIO and rewarded himself to specialize in the world of pasta and desserts creating unique tastes. He is also a food fotographer and big fan of food design.


Fregula or fregola, in Latin means fragment and in Italian it becomes Briciola. Briciola is like a crumble. And it is mixed with pasta. Tuna and green beans with the miso dressing gives a mix of flavors from Italy


This jar carries the traces of the beautiful city of San Gimignano, which is famous for the saffron. The rice, chicpeas, seaweed and spices makes a  unique resemblance for  Chef Luca Rosati, to remember where he came from.


Chef Linda intends to be a part of the new age African chefs that brings Africa to the World through the art of cuisine.

She believes food is a beautiful thing which brings joy to the heart of people. She wants to be the chef that creates unforgettable experiences for people by taking them on a beautiful journey through their plates. She loves to use the flavours from her Madagaskar and South African heritage in her recipes.


This is a vegetarian jar, which our Chef grow up with in Madagaskar, her mom and grandmother used to make that  for them and they used to eat it on fresh bagets. You can also have it as a delicious  salad. It is prepared with homemade mayonnaise.  Vegetables are  boiled in spicy and garlic veggie water giving it  much more flavour.


This recipe represents Chef Linda’s South African, Zulu  heritage. Lamb meet is something they enjoyed in South Africa. Lamb is flavourful and its has been used with Bulgur wheat.  She says they love bulgur wheat in their culture. The orange used  in the jar is also a way of bringing out the flavors with the juice.


Chef Sezer has been working in the culinary industry for thirteen years.  He joined Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Diploma Program and graduated as a Valedictorian from LCB Miami, FL. And was hired by the three star Alinea Restaurant in Chicago, IL.

He has experience in many culinary positions with a diverse variety of people. He believes in continuous learning and training to be able to keep up with changing industry demands. He is currently the Executive Sous Chef in JW Marriott Ankara and has created two extraordinary jar recipes for Chefs & Jars.


Mushrooms is one of his favorite proteins besides meat & fish. This Jar enriches the Vegetarian way of nutrition. Mushrooms are very important and high in antioxidants, selenium, Vitamin D. The dish is rich with fiber calcium, potassium and vitamins.


With this jar  Chef Sezer Deniz brings back his memories and  mixes it  with his own culture. He uses one of the most popular grains in Turkey called Siyez Bulgur, combining it with smoked chicken breast and the perfect ranch dressing.


CHEF CABIROL carries his professional experineces through his training in institutions and luxury hotels in the south west of France to the jars of Chefs & Jars.

He joined the prestigious Dubern house in Bordeaux, and assimilated the technical bases and openness to the world’s cuisines. He learned the excellence, and the precision necessary to cook everything. His cuisine is modern, inventive and renews all the time.


This   vegetarian pot is  an atmsophere, a mix of culture resembling Istanbul for Chef Cabirol.  The ingredients used, with the spicy eggplant caviar, are an inspiration of this city


For SalmAnkara Jar,  he was inspired by the changing bright red colors of the Salt Lake close to Ankara. He used a salt baking for marinating the salmon, and combined it with the flavors and colors of beetroot. These two flavours are accompanied with feta cheese and spinach creating  an unforgetable taste experience.


Chef Dinara has graduated from University of Architecture and Design and worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer.

Her love for pastry made her realize that appearance is as important as taste. So she turned her love of pastry in to visual delicacies with the 3D moulds she designed. She prefers simple plain geometric shapes like cube, triangle and sphere in her cakes and uses color to create flavors with beautiful visual art.


When food becames art. This is Chef Dinara Kasko’s signature Spheres cake; Inside crunchy layer, sponge cake, apricot cremeux, confit apricot-kumquat, caramel chocolate mousse with cream cheese, neutral glaze.


These desserts were made specially for Chefs & Jars Project. This is Cherry Blossom an extremely tender dessert in a Jar with matcha, yoğurt and cherry


Chef Lale who is also the Executive Chef of Chefs & Jars believes the most valuable ingredients in the kitchen are talent, creativity and vision and she carries the Vegan philospy in to the jars of Chefs & Jars.

Chef Lale uses the generocity and tranquility of mother nature within her recipe and prepares her special recipes bringing together a healthy and delicious nutrition.

If you would like to meet with the talent of our Chef, uniting opposite flavors and presenting them as appealing to all your senses you must try her Jar.

It is time to experinece the delicious and unique vegan Sakura Jar…


This recipe brings out the fresh taste of spring in to Chefs & Jars. When you open the lid, you meet with 2 different vegan sushi’s with yuzu, chipotle flavors and vegan mayonnaise.

“Just like a Sakura Tree it enchants as it unfolds”

The spiral veggies like the freshness of spring accompanied by the puffed grains closes up with edamame and mung bean sprouts and the delicious Sakura dressing.

Hey you, Chef! This is your chance to present
your art into the jars of Chefs & Jars.


We started with an aim of collecting the recipes blended with different cultures of specially selected worldwide chefs, and make them accessible to everyone. By this project, you will be able to present your creations to people all around the world and let them actually taste your recipes than just seeing them on your social media accounts.
Chefs of Chefs & Jars create a recipe and a design to fit in our jars. The recipes of our chefs are prepared by our experienced Chefs, who are the secret heroes of our kitchen, by blending the Chefs’ art and fresh products of our local producers and introduce daily to our consumers at our high-end kiosks.
Starting point of our project is Ankara; but we are getting ready to get our spot in Istanbul and then in various gourmet cities all around the world. We invite each and every one of you to the endless competition of gourmet delicacies…
While there are many people who would like join this excitement to discover new tastes, we wanted to cross our roads with different chefs in certain periods. One Chef among our first six Chefs -that will be chosen by Chefs & Jars lovers-, be with us again in the upcoming period. Remaining five Chefs and their creative recipes will be chosen carefully for the next round. We have already started to work to choose our next group of talented chefs.
If you also would like to take your part in our next round, and if you believe that you can carry your amazing art on a plate into the three dimensions of a jar; if you are confident with your recipes and if you have big goals in your career, we are here to introduce you to the world!
You can participate in eliminations and get the chance of presenting your recipes to the world by sending us an e-mail.


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